In NAGIE we want to get you back to the ancient tradition of buying in bulk, not only to reduce the consumption of plastic waste, also because we believe that the experience is more exciting and real.

You can serve yourself or we will do it for you, but the most important of the idea is that you can bring your own container from home to fill it in our store. You will get a discount every time you bring it and if you have forgotten it or you have made us an unexpected visit, we have recyclable paper bags or reusable glass jars so you can serve yourself without any problems.

You can buy what you need at the amount that you want; from just 5 grams of that spice you use once a year, or 5 kilos of the rice that turns you and your family crazy.

We believe in responsible consumption. Being able to choose the exact quantity you need, avoids food waste and unnecessary waste of packages.

Also because we have removed as far as possible the packaging of the products, in this way we contribute to environmental sustainability, eliminating unnecessary packaging that fill our seas of garbage, and at the same time increases the price of the products.

To buy in bulk, as well as being cheaper, promotes a healthy and varied diet, allowing to try many foods in small doses. We have a wide variety of seeds, nuts, flour, cereals, rice and many other products always displayed with visible labels with its origin, allergens and nutritional values showed in a store decorated with love in order to make you feel at home. Come and visit us!