In NAGIE we question ourselves… Do we really know what we eat?

Eating organic is as simple as eating HEALTHY, tastier, with more nutrients and vitamins.

Nagie is a 100% toxic free space, with no chemicals or antibiotics, no hormones, preservatives, dyes or any other artificial or genetically modified additive. What more can you ask for?

To be honest, sometimes our fruit or vegetables not always look perfect and shiny; but you must judge them after eating. It’s delicious!

With no preservatives, the food is fresh and it tastes so much more intense than the “industrially” ones. Besides, by not having artificial aggregates the growth of the food is slower, the amount produced is smaller and the human role is essential and harder. That is why at the end of the day the prices of organic food are somehow more expensive than those we see in traditional markets.
At this point we must ask: is it worth paying a slightly higher price for this kind of food? We think so.

Organic production not only creates healthy food, it also respects the environment by using friendly production practices, reduces the problems of water pollution and soil caused by the misuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.