In our store you will find 100% organic certified.

Generally, organic food prices are higher than those of conventional food because the production is slower and smaller, but in Nagie we have adjusted the margins to offer similar prices as the conventional food and sometimes even cheaper. We are sure once you get used to organic food you will become an “organic addict” like us.
We want to make a difference creating a nutritional counseling space where you can discover new beneficial ingredients for your health or where you can find the ones you already know, with the best qualities.

In Nagie we have “almost everything”, from the closer or fresher stuff to the homemade in our store with our own ingredients such as vegetable milks, healthy cookies or fresh juice of the day. We also have a wide range of flour, beans, pasta, rice, spices, grains, seeds… Even oils, honey and syrups in bulk!

We say “almost everything” because you what you can’t find in our store is meat or fish, because of our vegan / vegetarian philosophy, but if you can find other products of animal origin such as fresh eggs from organic farms or honey.

We want to remind you that if you are not able to come to the shop, we have online store, but we prefer you to come and visit us. We also offer you the possibility to prepare the purchase for you if you don’t have time, you just have to leave the list in the store before you go to work, and you will have everything ready for when you get back. :)