Nagie Z Natury steams from the wish of being pioneers in Poland in promoting responsible and sustainable purchasing of organic products in bulk, removing as far as possible the packaging; reducing by this way the giant amount of waste generated year after year in our country and at the same time lowering the costs of the product, so your wallet will notice that too.

In our little store you can find almost everything. We believe it’s not necessary to have infinite brands packaged in different sizes for the same product, which is the reason why in Nagie you will find certified organic products in bulk, with no flashy wrappers and artificial colors.

You’ll be able to smell, touch and see the product in its natural form, because we believe that food must be shown as close as possible to how you would find it in nature.

And so our products are Nagie. Nagie Z Natury.

Don’t be afraid, come and visit us!! We are not and we don’t want to be another organic shop with exorbitant prices. There’s no mystery to sell ​​at affordable prices… We have removed all possible intermediaries and adjusted prices to the maximum to offer you the best of the best in a very competitive prices.

We will wait for you!!